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Mini TX STOL Roundup Sept 30 & Oct 1 2016
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This photo assumes a south landing operation.  Direction of travel is south paralleling 17L on the east (ramp) side.  We are over the displaced threshold of Runway 8 (150' wide).  The visible area that is mowed with turn offs to Runway 17L is 1600'x50' to the cross taxiway B and that will be our landing zone.  The entire filet area is well over 300' wide.  If needed, there is a very smooth transition across taxiway B onto the grass in the next filet.  There will be the same landing north if that happens.  Be advised, at the previous STOL Roundups in Llano, we were dealing with 1600'x50' also due to the displaced threshold.  What is now available that wasn't in the past are the emergency options of the paved parallel runway (approx. 3000' remaining) taxiway B, and the whole infield which is excellent for emergency use.


At the top of the photo is Runway 13/31.  You can pull up your favorite airport diagram, satellite photo or other layout to determine the entire airport facility.  There is a massive ramp facility (nearly 450' wide) for competitor, airplane camping, and spectator parking.  Competitor and airplane camping is planned to be in designated grass areas.  All of this will be diagramed out at a future date similar in style to Llano last spring.  Parking of any type...vehicular, aircraft, RV or whatever else is not an issue anymore.


Hotels are available, it is dove hunting season and they fill quickly.  There are what appear to be several nice eateries...steak house, BBQ joint, Mexican, a fish place says they are opening soon, plus the many ever present McDonald types of places.  There is a nice H.E.B. supermarket and Walmart in town also.  We went into all of them today and were pleased with our reconnoiter.  


2016 “Mini” Texas STOL Roundup Survey

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Phil Whittemore

Hat in the Ring Society member
Hello Texas STOL fans!!!!

We will be holding a "mini" Texas STOL Roundup on September 30th and October 1st this year, 2016! 

Thanks to you we've outgrown the Llano Airport and will now be holding the Roundup in Hondo, Texas (KHDO).

On October 1st we will put up the pylons and have some fun "STOL-ing" around! 

There will be no trophies or vendors as we would like for this to just be a test run for the 2017 Texas STOL Roundup at its new location.
Come camp, BYOB, cook out, have fun and help break in our new location!

Phil Whittemore

Hat in the Ring Society member
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