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Power and Propeller

P-ponk vs Texas Skyways
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Just in case anyone is interested, I just got a quote for an O-550FTS from Texas Skyways.  $56,000, not including new baffling or alternator.  


For what it is worth I have a Texas Skyways O-550 with about 1300 hrs on it and about 13 yrs, have had only 1 problem and

that was with the starter adapter spring, runs great and still good compression and low oil consumption (1qt every 25hrs).
They take a factory engine and remove the injection system to make an IO550-F into an O550-FTS with a modified carburator and derate it by marking the manifold press. gauge at 26 inches with no other changes to the engine or cylinders.
I'm Curious...with a P Ponk engine is the only reason for the 7.5 of the 520 cylinder to use Mo Gas? If so then what is the advantage of the PPonk engine if you stayed with the 8.5? My Guess is it all has to do with the carbureator, and fuel Consumption?
Understand that PPonk and TS were once partnered up some years ago and the engines are very similar.  TS standard package leaves the 8.5 pistons in place with no carb modification just removal of fuel injection to a standard carb.  PPonk derates pistons to 7.5 and then modifies the venturi for better performance on the flows.  You can however get a feild approval to upgrade pistons in the PPonk to 8.5 and in some ways get the best of both worlds.  I took a TS engine, re STC'd it to PPonk, modified the carb, 8.5 pistons and have the extended life oil pan for 500 more I cheated them both together legally.  Having said all that...I know TS guys that love there motors and PPonks guys as well.  I do the Pponk version as I will go find the IO520D and can do the derating in my shop and not have to send out to other shops for machining.  I only need the carb to be done at PPonk which is reasonable cost and buy the STC both together was what TS wanted for just the STC cost.  The reason why Pponk uses the 7.5 initially is so you can use Mogas, you cannot when they are 8.5
Greetings I am new to and am in the market for 180/185. I am currently trying to educate myself on all that I can about the skywagon, which brings me to this question. P-ponk vs Texas skyway engines. I'd like to know the pros and cons of a Texas skyway and the pro and cons to a P-PONK. I've read through many threads on here so far and have heard not so good things on a TS engine and nothing bad on pponk yet. Looking for answers and recommendations if buying a bird that has a O-550 TS is a risk and to avoid or going with a P-ponk STC is the best bet. Thank you in advance for the advice!
Conrad Jett
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