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Power Settlings for Cylinder break in
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I talked to ECI/Continental before I broke my cylinder in.  They said to run Phillips 20W50 XC for break-in.  Would be worth a call to them,  if you've been running Shell 100, to see what they say.
Asking for advice: what oil should I use to break in 1(one) new cylinder? Should I use the usual unalloyed oil for break-in or continue with normal 100?  1955 C180 O-470-J
Thanks for the input.  I ran full power and after 35minutes could see a definite drop in CHT and oil temp returned to what had been my 180's "normal".  Will continue for the 10 hr window and then change oil.
Thanks again,

There is no published detail data for engine output at sea level, 2500' is the lowest altitude detailed in the Owner's Manual as you probably already know. The engine operating limit is 230hp@2600rpm with no time limit. For break-in, stay as low as possible and run max power limited only by CHT. Full throttle for at least the first hour. The rings have to seat as soon as possible and high manifold pressure is required to do that. The rest of the engine is in as good condition as it will ever be so run it hard until CHTs drop to normal. Then the rings are seated and the break-in is complete but still run hi cruise power settings for at least 10 hours just to make sure.

Last time I broke in my 520 in my 185 I took the mechanic that installed it to break it in properly,I flew the plane - he flew the engine.Ran it max continuous until the cylinder temps stabilized,then varied power settings in the top of the green for about an hour.Then told me it was broke in so let's go back to the airport,flight was a little bit over an hour.
Trying to find 75% and 65% power settings for 0-470 at sea level.  Owners Manual says "approximately" 23" / 2450rpm for 75%.  Nothing for 65%.  Breaking in a cylinder and want to get it right.  
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