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Power and Propeller

McCauley Prop Spinners
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Do you still have the old dome spinner? If you do would it possibly be for sale? I am buying a 1961 C-185 that has a spinner bulkhead that is cracked and a crummy repair and want to replace it before I fly it home. It has a new pointed spinner and I would rather go original. Thanks!!!
Nathan rounds
(770) 468-4038
  OK , 
   Thanks for the feed back.
I will see what we can figure out.
We took the prop off on Friday, and sent it out for overhaul ( required in Canada every 10 yrs )
So depending on how that goes, I may be looking for a new prop anyways, I will find
out in 3 weeks , when I get back from Africa.
Funny you should mention that. I was reading the 185 TCDS last night (Good lord I'm a nerd)...anyways, I was reading it and comparing those numbers that you mentioned. I think that the hubs on most of the Mac props are the same part number, but perhaps not. If they are, the field approval should be a no brainer. If not, I'm still thinking no brainer if you can run a few measuring devices and show them that the fit and function is identical.
Aeropod,  I kind of ran into the same problem, when I was looking for a spinner to use with a C203 prop on my 69 180H project.  The type certificate approves the installation of the prop but goes on to call for a specific part number for the spinner and backing plate to be used with the C203 prop.  I do not believe that you can substitute  a different part number as a minor alteration when it is spelled out on the type certificate as a prop, spinner, backing plate combination.  As for a field approval, you won't know if you don't ask.  Just the opinion of another A&P IA.

If your maintenance guy is that picky, I don't think you'll have any problem getting a field approval via the local FSDO. Just show that later 185s used the prop/spinner combo that you want to run. You may help educate him on what a minor alteration is however.
I have a 1965 C-185D. with the IO-470F engine.
The plane came with the original, "domed spinner " pn 0752004-2
because I like the look of the more pointed spinner, I purchased a 
0752042-1 spinner and backing plate.
My maintenance guy is telling me we cannot put it on. ( it fits OK )
just no paperwork, / means of approval, to install it on my serial # range.
I am serial # 185-0940.
Has anyone one done this  ?, ( with paperwork ) or know of anyway 
to make this happen legally ? ( 337 or STC ? )
  Thanks  John
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