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Ski/Sea Plane Operations

Water Rudder Retraction
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I will be out of my office traveling on business 25th - 29th.  I will return emails in the evening or when I get a chance.  If you need immediate assistance, please contact Christi Mack at (918) 630-1942 or email her at

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Cable routing has no effect on the amount of water rudder travel, it is totally dependent on the travel of the retract lever. A longer lever will have more rudder retract travel. Measure the distance between the retract cable attach point on the lever in the rudder-up and rudder-down position and that is how much the rudders will move at the cable attach point on the rudders. Moving attach points on either the lever or rudders will change the amount of travel respectively. Conversely, measure the rudder-up to rudder-down distance of the rudder itself at the cable attach point on the rudder to determine how much lever throw is required. The rudders need to go all the way down to the stops but do not need to go all the way up. If your travel is restricted make sure rudders go all the way down.
I could use a bit of help with the same topic if anyone is able.
I have an EDO 54699 water rudder retract lever mounted in my 185.  When on CAP 3000Ds last summer, it didn't seem like the water rudders were coming up, or going down all the way.  The required travel for the rudders wasn't met by the EDO lever.  The floats require about 12" of travel.  I'm installing Aerocet amphibs this year, and they need about the same travel.  Does anybody have a rigging diagram for this lever assembly that specifies the travel, and shows the cable routing?  I'm thinking that the cables were just routed through the pulleys wrong, and more travel may be available.  I could just switch to the Aerocet lever, but I really like the latch on the EDO lever, plus its already there, and a switch will entail upholstery modifications 
Thanks in advance, Daryl
We are changing the system in the 180 and need the length of cable travel when the rudders retract on EDO 2870's so we can determine pulley location, etc. Anyone out there have that figure? Thank you.
Peggy and Randy
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