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Wanted - Aircraft

FW: Acknowlege Your Help.
Author Last Post was also notified of your request below.


From: Club Webgeek []
Sent: September-08-15 5:29 PM
Subject: FW: Acknowlege Your Help.


I sent your request to our Classifieds Forum. Hope someone can help you.


As a Club Member you would be able to do the same.


From: Renato jaramillo arriagada []
Sent: September-08-15 11:32 AM
Subject: Acknowlege Your Help.


Dear Sirs,

I own a 1953 Cessna 180, Serial Number

30586, Amphibious, (Not with float now)  which I am refurbishing factory AD, quite advanced work and almost finished the part structure and to paint next. But I have to change some pieces which did not pass the check in electromagnetic Dy-chek. Attached photos of both parties and No..

I am interested in being a member of your club, I am a commercial pilot since 52 years ago, exterminator, fire fighting, taxi, transportation, etc., 405 license expires 15-12.2015 (renewal every six months).

Appreciate can help me get these parts, since it is difficult and expensive as several of these have been purchased by speculators.

Stay tuned to your news


. .



0512122 block bearing (2)

0411129 block fuselage spar bearing (2)



Renato J Jaramillo A.

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