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Wanted - Aircraft

Someone wants to purchase one of our airplanes!
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Keith Eisberg is looking for a Cessna 180/185.   

It was always my intention to purchase a C-180 or C-185 after I had enough quality taildragger time.  I just now sold my Cub, so now I can look seriously for a C-180 /185.


Please do place my name and contact info on the club website for an interested / serious buyer seeking C-180 / C185.


Looking forward to meeting you sometime.  Please feel free to fly into my private strip.  MO 36  Eisberg Farms –30 miles west of MBY, Moberly.  I have a grass strip 2100 ft x75 ft.  Prior approval by a simple phone call to me 816-863-6333 / 515-505-8001

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