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Starter Motor Failed - Replaced with Iskra 12V 20K...
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The Iskra starter motor was used by TCM for several years on new and remaned engines. We and other shops have had problems with this setup in that the motor will not allow the starter drive spring/cutch to unwind after cranking. If the motor doesn't backup about an half turn the spring will drag causing high wear, then you change a 2k starter adapter (about). We like the old,heavy, reliable ,slow turning
Energizer from TCM, however several of the newer style light weights are good as well. The Iskra is the only one we have trouble with. Hope this helps.  
Randy Long   N1802  Almost a 180    

I will be out of my office traveling on business Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I will answer emails in the evening or when I can get the time to respond. If you need assistance please contact my assist, Kelli Griffith at (713) 816-0563 or email her at

Thank you,

Mick VonTour



Guy's I need your expert advice.

I've had an intermittent problem starting my 180H. The Lame and the Avionics guys say it’s my starter motor and the Lame just installed a lightweight Starter, Iskra 12V 20Kw unit (they are STC’d). Since installing it I've had a message from a well-respected engineering company in Timaru New Zealand tell me I shouldn't have fitted it as those starters engage too fiercely and run the risk of stripping the starter adapter. Do any of you use these light weight starters on 180’s or 185? Has anyone experienced any problems??? Should I exchange it for the heavier unit??? Your advice is much appreciated! Dave

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