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Hangar for "Rent" in Silver Bay MN
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Keith, Give me a call.  I'd like to put a large 120 w x 60 d hanger up at KDYT (Duluth/Sky Harbor)- wondering a locals thought on market.  Pat Feenstra

I use the term rent loosely here. I am leasing a hangar in Silver Bay MN (KBFW) for another year, thru May 2016.  I don't need it anymore, as I've moved my plane to Two Harbors.  It was the last one on the field when I rented it, in fact the City kicked the Highway Dept. out as they have a stated preference of airplanes over snowplows.  Go figure.
Standard electric overhead door T-hangar.  If it keeps a Skywagon, SuperCub, etc.  from sitting outside, you can use it for FREE for the next year. If you want it to store an old couch or other crap, it's $50.00/month. Nosewheel airplanes are negotiable somewhere in between.
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