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Years ago. They removed the pavement after the earthquake but is repaved now. Lud Larson also closed up the gas pumps, motel, and cafe after the State of Alaska gave him grief over his lease. Go to Tok now for fuel, 24 hr credit card self service at 40 Mile Air. There are no services at Northway except the weather station that used to be the Flight Service Station.

Update Sept, 2017:
US Customs does not want to go to Northway anymore to clear planes into Alaska.They will go if you force them but not after 3:00pm Alaska time.

Instead, they want all pilots to clear at either Anchorage or Fairbanks. They will even ALLOW AN ENROUTE FUEL STOP if you don't have enough fuel to get from Canada to ANC or FAI.
Have they repaired the earthquake damage on the runway in Northway?

If you are still planning on making the trip up and have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.  I've made the trip between Alaska-Texas and Texas-Alaska many times in both a 180 and 185.  The AL-CAN highway is a great way to do it if this is your first time.  There is always a place to land if you encounter weather or an emergency.  Once you get in to Canada, you'll probably come across Ft. St. John, Ft Nelson, and Whitehorse.  They are all great places and have been friendly in the past, even when getting in late at night.  


Make sure you are up to speed on all customs procedures, including filing online and calling ahead at least 2 hours prior to arrival as well as filing flight plans for all legs of your trip.  They have made it more difficult but typically it goes pretty smooth once you know the protocol.  On the Alaska side, you'll clear in Northway.  They usually drive out to meet you but not always.  I've had good experiences with them in the past.

If you're staying on nice paved or gravel strips then your tires should be fine.  I run 29" tires but have commuted with 8:00's before and landed on gravel strips.  Just don't land on gravel bars!
Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.  It is an awesome trip!  I'm in Anchorage and would be happy to help if you make it up here!

Again thanks Jim (you made a comment on my "tires" question). Me doing the trip in the 180 is on my bucket list. I did fly a TBM 850 up to Anchorage from Southwest MI a couple of years ago.....different world. Appreciate the offer to discuss. May give you a call in the future as I sort thru the need and options. 

The flight is an easy one to make at that time of the year, as the weather is nearly perfect.  Just take your time and avail yourself of all of the services available (FSS and WX), and sit back and enjoy the trip.  A great resource is the Alaska Airmen's Logbook.  It covers the different routes to Alaska.  If you have specific questions, feel free to contact me off-line.
Jim Hill
54' 18
Talk to Casey Long owns Airventures(FB) will be leaving Calif. for Alaska soon for work up there

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May need to get my 180 from SW MI to Alaska by July 1. I would be interested in making the trip if there were "experienced" pilots making the trip also. Ideas? Thanks. 


May need to get my 180 from SW MI to Alaska by July 1. I would be interested in making the trip if there were "experienced" pilots making the trip also. Ideas? Thanks. 

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