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Thank you for your replies. I do not have a float plane frame so the one piece shield is optimal. I am really surprised that Kenon does not have a pattern. I finally found one from Sun Foil in Phoenix AZ. Really great quality for $159.00. The funny part is that I already had one from that business for my P210!


I have a Kennon sunshield. It is indeed in 2 pieces but I thought that was a function of my windshield mounted compass. The two piece also makes it much easier to install/take-down with the seaplane braces.

Quality product.

Go to Home Depot and buy a roll of that foil backed bubble wrap water heater insulation and cut your own. Lay an old bed sheet over the outside of the windshield and mark the pattern with a Sharpie marker. There will be enough left over to make covers for all the side windows too.


Any idea who makes a sunshield for a C180J with a one piece windshield? Kennon for some odd reasons does make them only for the split windshield. They do not have a pattern for the one piece.

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