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How to use the Forums as ListServ Emails

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Welcome to the Club Photo Albums Page. By default only the most recently updated photos are shown in the list below. To see all photo albums click on the Search Looking Glass icon to the right and change your selection. 

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bottoms up!
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Ok, that makes sense to me. Let me look into this.
Arnold Villeneuve
Can you please give me a call on this and provide some additional detail so that I can understand better what you mean.
Arnold Villeneuve

They go to the top in "Flat" view.  They go to the bottom in "Threaded" view.


I fully agree with you. All other forums (AOPA, CPA...) have the older post on the bottom. I am sure this would be an easy thing to change, and my vote is to change it.

I don't care for the way the new posts go on top. IMHO it would be better to have the posts descend in order-- older posts on top, then scroll down through the newer posts. Reading from the bottom up seems counter-intuitive and is a PITA to boot.
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