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Non-certificated Portable Devices and Software

WIngX Pro Free for CFI's
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For those of you that are CFI's you should check this out:

CFI Free! and SV Free!




Two new Initiatives

We are very excited to announce two new initiatives as we head into 2015.


CFI Free!

The WingX Rewind launch has been amazing.  Pilots are recording flights and viewing them in Google Earth or using the GPX data to visualize the flight in their favorite 3D viewer or even viewing them right in WingX Pro7 on the iPad!  No other EFB comes close to this capability.  Flight instructors are already seeing the benefits and have started incorporating WingX Rewind as part of their post-flight debrief. This is exciting.  So exciting that we want every CFI to have the opportunity to integrate WingX Rewind into their flight training.  Introducing CFI Free! Certificated Flight Instructors (CFIs) now get:

  • A free WingX Pro7 subscription including WingX Rewind
  • An Advanced IFR subscription with Approach Chart Geo-Referencing and the new IAP Routing
  • A Synthetic Vision subscription
WingX Pro7 is now free for Flight Instructors.

For more information about CFI Free and instructions on how to sign-up for CFI Free, visit:

SV Free!
As the first major EFB to introduce Synthetic Vision on iPad (even on a cell phone!), WingX Pro7 has led the way in advancing the technology capabilities in mobile aviation solutions.  Moreover we have worked hard with many partners to integrate external devices so that we don't force you to buy a proprietary device.  Some of these devices provide AHRS data that enables WingX Pro7's Synthetic Vision engine to render the pitch and bank of the outside world in amazing real-time. Even more amazing is that we did this more than 3 1/2 years ago and only recently have other EFBs added their version of Synthetic Vision (but still requiring theirproprietary hardware).
As a way of saying thank you for a wonderful decade of support, Synthetic Vision is now free to every WingX Pro7 who has a current subscription.
Synthetic Vision is now free for all current WingX Pro7 subscribers.
How do I signup?
You don't need to you.  Do this: from WingX Pro7's Main Menu, tap on Databases and Subscriptions, tap on WingX Pro7, tap on Sync Account.  You will notice an expiration date at the end of 2015.  The first WingX Pro7 release in 2015 will remove this expiration date.


WingX Rewind?

WingX Rewind is technology that allows you to record and playback a flight with real-time GPS, AHRS pitch-and-bank, and pitot-static information.  WingX Pro7 will playback a flight as if you were there; i.e. view your breadcrumb track on the IAP, see how well you flew the ILS, see how steep your turns to final were, etc.  You can also email a flight to someone allowing that person to view the flight on the web or view it right on the iPad in Google Earth.  We believe that WingX Rewind will fundamentally improve flight instruction because for the first time, Flight Instructors have a quick and simple way to review all phases of the flight from engine start to engine stop.  Finally, an EFB app that addresses post-flight and review - and WingX Rewind is free with your basic WingX Pro7 subscription.


WingX Rewind

Thank you for an amazing 2014.  I wish you and your family Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and/or a Happy Hanukkah.







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