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Aviation Jobs

The Recreational Aviation Foundation Announces a F...
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Job Description:

RAF Volunteer Coordinator



Job Title:  RAF Volunteer Coordinator


Qualifications & Attributes:

  • Attributes demonstrated in previous employment:  Honesty; Self-directed work style; Fact-based approach; Service Orientation; Passionate about the organization’s mission
  • Qualifications & Requirements:
  • Demonstrated computer skills and internet competency
  • Demonstrated communication skills, verbal & written
  • Demonstrated ability to work in team settings and effective one-on-one coaching skills
  • Demonstrated self-directed work style
  • Prior experience working in the public sector
  • Prior experience delivering one-on-one and small group training
  • Highly skilled in project management: define work plans & manage teams through to completion
  • Strong organizational, presentation & customer service skills
  • Effective interpersonal skills, including telephony & communication skills, active listening and customer centric care
  • Ability to multi-task, adapting to changes quickly in a fast moving environment
  • General knowledge of & demonstrated involvement in Recreational Aviation preferred
  • B.A./B.S degree in related field preferred


Basic Role of this Position:   Providing the majority of ongoing education, coaching, development, direction and support to the RAF State Liaisons across the broad scope of their role as outlined in the RAF State Liaison job description.



  1. Provides State Liaison orientation and training, for responsibilities as wide ranging as captaining a RAF trade show booth to when & how to best communicate with RAF state members.  (See State Liaison Job Description)
  2. Develops a personal understanding of the RAF vision, mission, programs & resources.  Documents these fully for both Liaison and future reference.  Transfers this understanding to the State Liaisons.  These include:
    1. Becoming fluent in and assist State Liaisons in the use of the RAF Data Base, Event Calendar and other web-based RAF tools
    2. Providing on-going professional development to State Liaisons regarding a range of specific RAF initiatives such as the Recreational Use Statute initiative and the land planning processes in use by public land managers.
    3. Becoming knowledgeable about the private and public Land Management Planning Process, and assisting State Liaisons in understanding their roles in these processes.
  3. Provide research support to Liaisons in areas such as state & federal legislation, identifying committees of jurisdiction, and politician personal histories & relationships.
  4. Provides guidance in federal partnership opportunities, including the USFS Resource Officer Liaison program initiated by the U.S. Forest Service.
  5. Facilitates the administrative needs of the State Liaisons.  Seeks and implements improvements in administrative processes used by Liaisons over time and documents these for future reference.
  6. Occasional travel required to various regions of the country in order to meet with Liaisons, individually & collectively.  Direct travel expenses to be reimbursed.


Supervisor:  Tricia McKenna, RAF Administrative Director


Salary Administration:

  • Employee position
  • Full Time (40 hrs/week)
  • Performance Appraisal Cycle:  initial 3 month plus annual review

To apply for this position,  please send us a cover letter and resume outlining your skills, employment history and educational background as it specifically relates to the Volunteer Coordinator Job Description.  Direct your response to for all communications related to this position.

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