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Flight Instruction - Regular and Mountain

180 buyer needs instruction
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Hi folks, I have a note from Denise Corcoran for all of you in the Denver area, effectively she looks like a buyer from this standpoint. Denise  is looking for a way to get some flying time in a 185, would like to use/train while prepping to apply for her "dream job" here in Colorado which she believes will require 185 experience.
She sent me the following: "I started flying in the Rocky Mountains in 2006, went to Alaska after I got my licenses and flew 5 memorable summers. After that I wanted to give back a bit and have been a volunteer pilot for a wide range of causes. I most recently was flying for preventative and curative medical assistance in East Africa, the Ebola-free part :). 2100 hours total time, 1400+ hours mountain/back country, 1100 AK, 350 tailwheel, 1000 C206. Most of my tailwheel time is in a Bellanca Scout & Maule M-6. I have had previous training in the 185 for an AK outfit but ended up flying the 206 mostly. I have a current CFI/II and would love to offer up training in exchange for airplane costs. I know these birds are pricey to maintain, insure, etc. but it doesn't hurt to ask especially when things are tight)".
Denise is at 720-310-8101 or . Please respond directly to Denise if you have an interest in providing her any assistance, though I would appreciate knowing that you did so.
  A perspective C180 buyer from Baltimore wants CFI w/ insurance for instruction prior to/after buying. Has relatives in Atlanta and Ocala, Fla. area, so can train either of those.  Will be a future Club member.  His email is   Hope someone can help him out.
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