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How to use the Forums as ListServ Emails

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How come I cannot REPLY to Posts here?
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To participate (including replying to posts) in these regional forums, one must be a Member of the Forum of interest. This is a one-time thing, but it involves interacting with your Profile, which takes you away from the post you want to reply to, sorry about that.
 1)  at the upper right of any club page, find your name. Click on it. It won't be present if you are not logged in, so login if needed.
 2)  in the popup window, click on Profile.
 3)  scroll down and find Forum Memberships in the Forums box, and click on Forum Memberships.
  4.1)  Scroll down to Available Forums,  or ...
  4.2)  Find using your browser find (usually Control-F) the Forum of interest by name, e.g. "WY CO NM".
 5)  to the right of the Forum you want to participate in, there is an icon that's green (unless you're already joined to it). The icon is an green arrow atop a circle. Click on that icon to join/participate in that Forum.
Thanks!   --Jim
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