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Aircraft Painting

painter around the Houson area
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I selected Carey Day.  Nice job.  Great color suggestions.  Precise layout.  Very good prep. and spray.

Thanks, John & Mike.  I've emailed Joe Sills and awaiting a reply.  The same for Carey Day.  I'm also in contact with Mike Van Sicklin.  I found out he painted one of the local 185's and it was very nice.

Check out Tejas Aero in San Marcos, Tx (KHYI). They did my 180 3 yrs ago and did a great job. Talk to Mike Van Sicklen 512 392-8553.


Carey Day at Brady. KBBD.


After 9 years of rebuild, the Skywagon is ready for paint.  Any suggestions for good paint shops in the greater Houston area, or for that matter, along the Gulf coast?  Good painters are hard to come by now a days and I'm willing to travel a little ways to have a nice job.

Any reliable shops still in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area? 
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