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A Webpage for Every Cessna 180-185 Aircraft Ever M...
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One of the things that has always struck me about owning a 1957 Cessna 180A is that I don't really seem to own it. Rather it owns me. I have been in contact with the last four owners of my airplane. They all expressed the same feeling and appreciate for the airplane.
I am thinking about creating a database of Cessna 180-185 airplanes based on Model and Serial Number. Each airplane would have a seperate webpage so that anyone associate with the airplane could upload comments and pictures about it. It would be a way that the club could maintain a history of individual airplanes that is not owner specific but rather airplane specific. It's all about the airplane right!
Is this something that would be of interest to Club Members? More importantly would Club Members take the time to update these airplane specific webpages for the ones that they own while they own them?
I just think that this airplane centric approach would be a great way of preserving the history of individual Cessna 180-185 airplanes. 
What do you think?  
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