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Flight Instruction - Regular and Mountain

Looking for180/185 instructor in Washington state
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You can give me a call, 425-418-9815. I'm at Paine field.

Mark Darrow
He may be a ways away for you but you are not going to find anyone better than Leigh Smith. He will also come to your location. Even with a thousand hours of tail wheel time I am always looking for someone who can spot weaknesses in my skills. 
I just recently tried Dave on the number. Sounded like a fax machine answered. Any chance he still instructs?
I would suggest a trip to Fort Collins Colorado and fly with Dave Younkin. Here is the number I reached him on a few years back. 970 484 2329. He has thousands of 185 hrs flying for the fish and game dept for a living and instructing new hires for same. Not only does he have unlimited experience in type he can teach as well. Even slow learners like me. It was a humbling experience since I had a few hrs in tail wheel and some back country flying when I met him. He taught me what I didn't know and needed to know specific to a Skywagon with great patience!

Fly Safe!

Talk to Will Allen, who flies out of Renton:

I got my tailwheel endorsement with Will some years ago. He offers a lot of different flying experiences, and maybe he can help you with what you want, or get you in contact with someone who can help. (He may be focused only on aerobatic flying these days.) If you fly with him, you will have a good time...
I am a proud new owner of a 180k! A very clean a straight 180 which I would like to keep that way. So i am looking for a instructor with a min
750 total time 150 tail wheel, for insurance reasons. I have 200 hours total and my tail wheel but I am hoping to find some current and close to me either cle elum or Renton.
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