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Aircraft Painting

Interior trim repaint
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Type Certificate Data Sheet. In this case #5A6.

Note there are separate headings for the 180, 180A, 180B, etc. Read the info specific to your model including the required equipment notes (data pertinent to all models, pp16). Required equipment on other 180 models is not required for your model so focus on what the document says for your plane.

I'm a bit new to this. What does TCDS stand for?
The TCDS for your specific model will dictate what placards are required. When I did one of my panel upgrades that needed stock-appearing placards I bought them from Cessna. I don't recall pricing but I remember that I thought it was reasonable.

Any good auto paint shop can mix up custom color paint and pit it into aerosol cans. When I did a Plane Plastics interior I tested the much-hyped plastic paints against standard Krylon and found no difference in appearance or durability. Find a close match in stock spray paint and go with it would be my advice.
I can't say for sure on the placards. If you are going for an original look, someone else here might be able to help. If you want neat and clean, there are outfits. One called did mine. excellent. found them on eBay.
I'm reprinting the chipped up interior of my '55 180. Want to make sure the placards are as original as possible. We're they: black on clear, white on clear etc? Also, any info as to the interior paint colors?
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