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Non-certificated Portable Devices and Software

696 versus FL190
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Fellow pilots, want a WAAS EFB that's larger than the 696, has synthetic vision, HITS (highway in the sky), approach plates, aircraft referenced low and high airways, sectionals, SIDS, STARS, terrain, taxiways, optional weather, and coming soon, satellite terrain?

And all this for less than the 696, not to mention an annual subscription for all the updates for less than $200?

Then check out:

I bought one with the HITS, they threw in one years worth of updates and some other goodies for less than $2K. When I showed the unit to my friend who just purchased a 696, I think I lost a friend. Fly an approach with the HITS, and you won't want to be without it. The synthetic vision train is rolling, might as well get on board. Of coarse it's for reference only, but so are all the other units that thousand's are navigating with.

Garmin unit's are good, I have a 496 with weather, but those update prices, WOW!
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