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Texas to Montana from 19 May-23 May
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Great photos, I still have not made it out there, thanks for the update
Trip report... late, but I had a hell of a good time. And I look forward to the next trip.

Thanks for the advice. I've flown in Idaho once, in a Super Cub. I hired a CFI and went to some strips on the middle fork of the Salmon. But this is my first time in the 180 and I plan to stick to some of the longer, lower strips. Plus I'll be light.

Garden Valley looks good -- that's one I missed when I was looking around. Stoked to be heading out there and I hope the weather cooperates!
Most of the strips up here are in good shape and not too soft as we had a light snow pack. You will find that some of the strips that are the most forgiving for first timers are below 6000 ft and yet full of fun. If you have not flown up here before Galens' book is an excellent resource and the current issue is fairly unchanged from todays reality. Be mindful of the winds aloft and the rolls into canyons. Johnson Creek is nice and well manicured for its location, Garden Valley is also nice and well manicured. Indian creek is long and makes for good approaches either direction. I have been in to a lot of the strips already and all in good shape. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask. This is a great place to fly and live. Also check out Darby Montana and visit Tex at the West Fork Lodge - great food and place to stay the night.o
Appreciate the tips. My plan now is to spend a night at Mineral Canyon, get gas at 69V, head up the east side of the SLC Class B, and drop into Idaho. Probably start with Johnson Creek, stop in McCall, and then over to Moose Creek before heading to Montana... weather permitting of course!

I have Galen's Montana book and ordered the Utah and Idaho books. They aren't cheap and they might not be the most current but I never know what tidbit of information might save my bacon. So I tend to try to read everything I can. Lots of good Idaho info on the Idaho Aviation Association website. I particularly like their airfield diagrams. The info on the Utah Backcountry Pilots website seems more dated.

Let y'all know how the trip goes... these sorts of adventures are always fun.
Fly Idaho is the most comprehensive book I know of for the back country. Couple this with the condition report and you will have a good bit of knowledge.The next step would be to question some of the locals when you get out that way. There is a school on the McCall airport that specializes in canyon flying and they will have the most up to date information. Guys on the Super Cub site or the folks at Alaskan Bush Wheels would be another source of current information. Back country flying is definetly a rush. It could be hazardous to the health of the uninitiated though. Another great book would be the Mountain Flying Bible by Sparky Imeson. It is written as a text book on the subject. The safest route would be qualified instruction. Or short of that, follow an experienced pilot to where you want to go. The life you save may be your own!

Fly Safe and have fun!
Fly Idaho sounds like a great resource, except according to Amazon the latest version was written in 1998. Does anyone have any feedback on whether this resource might be too dated to be as useful as it once was? Surely much has changed in the last 15 years? I too am heading to Idaho this summer for the first time.
Galen Hanselan's book Fly Idaho has great information on back country striips. It is an airport directory for the back county airports
I sat in on the presentation by Amy Hoover who owns and instructs in the Idaho back country - Canyon Flying is the name of her business. Great talk, packed attendance, learned a bit about the various strips, approaches, time of day to stay away, etc. For fun and safety - might want to schedule a little time with them if you are unfamiliar with the area. Sounds like a great trip!
Here is a link to Idaho airstrip status.

Main issue now is soft conditions on the airstrips but they are drying out nicely past two weeks and hot weather in forecast

Have fun!
McCall Idaho Is a great place for departing civilization When bound for the backcountry. Johnson Creek is one of the easier strips to get into and you will find plenty of backcountry types camping there. It's a great base of operations for backcountry flying
Joe, Would love to here how the trip goes, I have a cabin outside of Missoula near Clinton, and plan on going there with my 180 this summer, I am in Houston and hope to get out of the heat. Please let me know how it goes, I only know of KMSO and the grass strip Rock Creek KRC0 near Clinton on hwy 90. I landed a 172 on the grass strip last week and it was fine. Good luck on your trip.
Hey folks,
Headed from Abilene, TX to Missoula, MT on May 19-23. Initial plan is to stop at Mineral Canyon for 1 night and spend a couple nights on some Idaho strips. Anybody got any tips or airstrip recommendations for me?

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