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Spare Keys
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That's what float pumps are for - reaching fwd through the baggage door, hooking the door handle in the spout (because the handle was strategically positioned last time the door panel was off), and pulling the bolt all the way into the frame. It is the only way to keep the door securely closed as it rocks and rolls on the float trailer from the hangar to the pond....
Here's the thing, Cessna door locking method is not exactly secure. Since the door is simply latched and the bolt is not into the frame, it is not secure at all. My other 185 had a tendency to pop open if you did the Fonzie thing to the frame next to the door, locked or not. If you really want the aircraft door to be locked, you need to reach through the baggage door and pull the handle to the locked position inside. Then lock the baggage door. Then again, plastic windows will succumb to a swiss army knife if scored and punched.
My '79 185 keys were matched easily at Lowes. No problem!
When the door lock on my 56 failed I installed a new one from
Install was easy, there was a minor issue with the lock and the company quickly supplied me the modified part to make it work.
This is a real lock that will discourage all the honest folks from your airplane! As we all realize a determined thief won't have much problem getting into a 180.
FYI, Cessna only made about 6 different keys. I have a stash of Cessna keys that will get into 99% of the Cessnas I work on. That's one of the many reasons it's so important to have a secondary lock of some kind.
Thanks I'm on it!
My local locksmith used a key made by ilco usa & the number in the left hand top corner is D1098B ,top right corner is DE2.
Looks & works just like the original.

I believe the blank I use, which has worked for me, is the Y-11. Fairly common one.
A local locksmith buddy made me spare keys with blanks he had in his truck. He also keyed the baggage door lock that I picked up in a salvage yard to use the same key as the ignition. No big thing for a locksmith.
I have never found exact match blanks outside of Cessna but have found blanks that will work, they just have longer shanks.
Hi Guys

I need a couple of spare keys for the 185. Do I have to go through Cessna to get the blanks or will a local key shop have something that might work.
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