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Useful load
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Thanks for your suggestion they are great leads!! Safe flying

Now that I think of it that included installing a Sportsman's cuff at the same time.
Fr once my filing system didn't defeat me... Here's what I paid in 2011, keep in mind that these are California labor prices:
Wing-X kit: $5195
Install wing extension kit to C180, paint upper cowl & wing extensions: $3880

Total: $9075.

Still not cheap, but a lot less than $20k. And worth it (to me) for how the plane performs.
Stewart: 20k for Wing-X?? I'll have to find my receipts but it was no where close to that. I assume you're taking about painting the wing tips and not the the whole plane
I replaced my 13.5 lb stock 1967 pilot/copilot seats with a comfy 28.5 lb high backed, fully articulated, dual locking pin seat from a C-206. Vortex generators do not increase useful load. They decrease stall speed and improve low speed aileron authority.
Weight savings info. Changing to the Odyssey on the firewall removed 17 pounds. My interior and panel project dropped 35 pounds but some of that was in the B&C alternator replacement. Most Skywagons have lots of junk in the panels and lots of unnecessary wiring. That's where most would benefit most in a weight reduction program.

My 180 has a gross weight of 3190#. Even with the 520 power it isn't any fun to fly at that weight. It made sense when I was on floats and I've never been sorry to have the capacity but I find little joy in a max'd out heavy airplane.

I got the WingX mod quoted this past year and by the time the paint dries? Figure $20K or thereabouts. I passed. If I need Cub-like performance I'll build another Cub. That mod makes great sense for the early 180 owners that need higher gross. 2550 or 2650 is too low to be practical for most guys I know.
Making my 185 "mine" over the last few months has shown me some areas for weight savings should I ever want/need to take advantage (some would include an STC):

Replace my heavy Concorde battery with something like an Odessy, or maybe even a Lithium. (15 to 30 pound savings)

Replace my articulating pilots seat with a non-articulating one, since I've got it cranked down all the way down anyway. (Around 10 pound savings maybe?)

Replace my 2-blade Mac Seaplane prop with a 3-blade MT. (20 pound savings)

Replace the separate beacon and strobe transformers with a single combined transformer. (Couple of pounds maybe?)

Interior like stewartb's. (in my case probably a 20 pound savings)

Beautiful plane and setting you have.
Thanks Guys
I had these on a Hawk XP years ago and liked but someone here suggested VG'S might give a significant increase with less costs. What are the Wing X systems running in the US? Thanks again

I'll second the Wing-X suggestion. Not only will you gain GW but the change in STOL capability is really significant.
Wing-X STOL wing extensions increase the GTOW of a 185 to 3,525. We have had them on the 180 for 8 years or so: "easy to own" and effective.
I would appreciate any suggestion on the best STC's for a useful load increase on my 1982 A185F. Any suggestions would be appreciated. :

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