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Skis on Hangar Floors
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I'm landing on snow (not plowed) and then going into a hangar with the skis down. If the skis were up, of course no problem. Been doing that for years. PVC pipe is an idea. Still thinking of embedding sheets of heavy plastic that would make sliding on the skis much easier. Thanks for the come back.
You lost me. If you're flying Fluidyne hydraulics... what's the problem? I push my plane back into gravel parking when on Fluidynes. A clean concrete floor would be a heck of a lot easier than that.

I know a few guys who roll their planes in and out of their hangars on straight skis using sticks of PVC pipe as rollers.
OK, this is kind of out there, but I'm planning a hangar and will be flying skis from an unplowed strip. Flying Fluidyne Hydraulics so might as well be straight skis when moving in and out of the hangar. Planning floor heat so throwing snow on the floor to reduce friction won't work. Just wondering if anyone has found a way to ease ingress and egress. I know the 185 will slide on the skis, but hate to drag them across concrete. Thought about embedding a couple of sheets of HD polystyrene where the skis will set, at least that will help. Any ideas out there, and thanks.
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