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Chicken Strip Comments
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It’s time to stand up and be counted as a Backcountry Pilot. Death Valley National Park has begun a major planning process for the Saline Valley area. This planning area includes the famous Chicken Strip located next to the Saline Valley Hot Springs. The planning process has begun with a “scoping period” during which the public is encouraged to participate and voice their concerns about what they believe the final plan should include. We, the public, have until August 6, 2012, to make ourselves heard. Three public meetings have been held in May and the Recreational Aviation Foundation was at every meeting supporting our use of this airstrip. It’s our turn to do something in support of ourselves. The ONLY three ways we can now be heard are:
1. Log onto the Death Valley National Park web site and comment at:
2. Write a comment or letter to:
ATTN: Saline Valley Management Plan
Death Valley National Park
P.O. Box 579
Death Valley, CA 92328

3. Send an e-mail to:

What we need is a high VOLUME of brief, articulate comments to make it clear that the flying community is VERY serious about keeping the Chicken Strip open. But do not go off half-cocked. This is a discussion, not a fight. What will help us the most in this effort is intelligent and thoughtful comments as to the safety and capability of the flying community. Yelling will not be heard. Intelligent conversation and logic will be. The RAF has a proven record using this method and it works.

Pilots are the most highly trained and skilled of all the users of public lands. Aircraft provide access to the hot springs with no impact on the land.

Please make a point of commenting and making sure your fellow pilots have commented before the window closes on August 6, 2012.
Blind copy your comments to the RAF at:
If you have any questions, contact RAF CA Liaison Rick Lach:

Thank you,
John McKenna
President RAF
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