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Aircraft Painting

Paint Shop Recomendations
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Thanks for your help.
My son David and I had our '53 180 painted with the original paint scheme at Central Aviation, Watertown Wisconsin 920 261 1880. We are really happy with the paint job. An excellent job at a reasonable price. I would attach a photo, but I have to plead ignorance and don't know how. But all is not lost. An inflight photo taken by Jim Densmore at the
Tetons, is in the Cody 2011 album. It is also in a recent 180/185 newsletter. We will bring it to the Cranbrook convention.
Archie Henkelmann
I had my 1955 180 painted at KSEE,El Cajon, Ca. in 2007 and paint is excellent and the metal prep is the best.. if interested, will send pics of my plane. Contact John@ Aeropaint. ph. 619-449-3444. I think he has painted more than 300 planes. Russ
I had my '77 180K painted by Tejas Aero Services in San Marcos, TX ( KHYI ). They did a great job and have done several 180's. Owner Mike Van Sicklen flew a 180 quite a bit back in the day. Attached is a photo of mine, price starts about 12K.

Not sure where you're at but Sunquest at Paine Field (KPAE) Everett, WA seems to be well recommended! I am going to have them paint my 180 when I get around to it. Plan around $13,000
Anyone have recent painting experience that they could recommend a paint shop with high confidence, preferably near Denver? I will travel for a trusted shop. Thank you.
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