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New Zealand whazzit?
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It is a 400 hp flat 8 Lycoming IO 720

The initial design was by Thorp in the USA, and was subsequently bought in New Zealand to replace the C180/185 and Beaver in the crop dusting role.

The latest version is called the PAC 750 XL and is used in a passenger version mainly in Papua New Guinea and as a meat bomber in parachute operations. There is about 10 or so operating in the US with parachutes.

The Pacific Aerospace web site has some good video on crop dusting.
8 cylinder Lyc, flat 8, also heard they built a few with V8 truck engines!!
Ahhh. I figured somebody in our club would know the answer. Strange looking bird. Several that we saw had 8 exhaust pipes hanging down so at least some were equipped with V-8s. Thanks for the reply.
Its a Fletcher. I think they were made in NZ, for NZ. I don't know if they used it for liquids or not, all I saw in a video was dry phospates. Graeme and Beverley Prankerd came to visit last spring for a few days and brought a couple videos that were quite interesting, that showed general aviation in NZ post war. If you thought that that Fletcher looked a bit like it had been rode hard and put up wet, you ought to see the 180s that they were hauling dead deer out of the back country with....... I think 5 or 6 at a time. It was a commercial operation where they moved the deer out of the back country to processing facilities I think. Even though the videos, were in English, some of it was a little tough understanding the dialog. When they started using helicopters, and slinging the deer out, it was a lot cleaner........ Graeme said that one of the 180s in the video is now owned by a member of the 180/185 Group in NZ and is flying still.
So the wife and I just spent two weeks RVing around the north island of NZ. Virtually every little grass airstrip we visited had one or more of these aircraft parked somewhere, usually looking a little down about the heels (photo attached). Never seen these stateside...

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