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Aircraft Painting

Need Matching Vinyl Interior Paint, Sources?
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Thanks for the reply and Link. I will likely need to go that route (order some matching paint out of state.)

I was just at my local automotive paint dealer, and they said the ONLY Vinyl/Plastic paint that they have comes in spray cans. They made it sound like this is a relatively recent development.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) rescinded the waiver on VOC emissions for Vinyl Paint. Supposedly there is a new formulation that is pending CARB approval, and until then, they only have paint premixed in spray cans (so no mixing of color-matched paint.

He said for now, most shops are repainting the entire interior in new cans of spray paint so the entire interior matches.

So, looks like if I can't find Spray Can color that matches, I need to find a place that can mix from the Cessna Chestnut brown formulation, or I will need to send a color sample out of state to have them match and mix some paint for me to apply.

I'm NOT going to repaint the entire interior!
This is where I go for custom interior paint- They will put a custom color in a spray paint can or sell you as much as you need for your spray gun. There's probably some place similar close to you.
Searching for a source of matching interior vinyl spray paint, to refinish / color-match a vinyl seat and paint white plastic interior panels to match the original Cessna Chestnut Brown CES1054-B42.

Does anyone sell spray-cans of paint, or know of a good, close color match in vinyl paint? "Camel Tan" is the closest match I have found, but it isn't Orange-enough to match my existing interior.

Granted, the existing plastics, etc, have likely faded a bit, but I would be happy to find a reasonably close match as in original color, in cans.

Is there a source? This photo is not of my interior, but it is Very, Very similar.
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