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Operation Tips

850-6 air pressure setting
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This is great to hear. I thought they were running a bit hard and when I checked the pressure the other day they were set at 35 psi. I brought them down to 32psi, I guess I was a bit over cautious. I will drop them into the high 20s and see how the ride is. Thanks for the help.
I seem to recall on my stc from Kenmore called for 16 to 18 lbs on the 8:50x6 but I always thought that was a little low and kept them at 20 to 22 made it a lot easier to get in and out of the hangar too.
I run mine at 20 when off road and around 24 on the street.
I'm running 850-6 air streaks on a 77 180 and I'm curious what pressure other people operate at ? Right now I have them set at 32psi, can I go lower safely without spinning them on the rim ?
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