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Coastal places to go in NorCal, OR, WA?
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I wasn't aware that you can land on the beach at Seaside. I know the airport is a comfortable walk from the beach. I think that the Shiloh Inn has a shuttle as well.
Gleneden Beach; Siletz Bay State S45 on the Oregon Coast.
Short walk to Hwy 101, go across Hwy 101 to the Side Door Café.
They open around 11am and have great food. 541-764-3825
Pacific City, north of Lincoln City, Oregon has a landing strip in the heart of town. Just a few minutes walk to the coast, restaurants, gift shops, motels, etc. Excellent brew pub just 20 min. walk away.
For WA there are two great options that we go to on a regular basis.

The first is Copalis (S16) just West of Hoquaim (KHQM). Copalis is a designated runway that is located on the beach. You have to pay attention to the tides and I wouldn't be comfortable staying through high tide, however its a wonderful place to spend half the day. Top 5 place for me and I flew in the Bush of Alaska for years.

Second great option is on the Southeastern side of Mt Rainer, Tieton State Airport (4S6). Its a 2,500' grass runway and you can camp under the wing. Right next to a beautiful lake and lots of hiking/fishing off the end of the runway. Its a one way strip but plenty of room for any Skywagon out there.

Both are great options for WA and rarely ever used by anyone. We only fly on the nice weekends and usually never even see another airplane at either location.

Please post any other remote strips you find on your trip.

Seaside, can land on the beach. One of the cooler spots to visit on the central Oregon coast. Gold beach is always windy. Very windy! Beautiful spot if you get it right. Shelter cove is always foggy but again beautiful if you nail the weather.
Another great spot, good lodge, camping, all sorts of stuff. Camped under the wing a few times:
Try Nehalem Bay, OR. 3S7. Attached to a fine state park, and good private campsites. Watch for crosswinds if flying in the afternoons.
Only about 20 minutes by air from the Evergreen Museum in McMinnville (Spruce Goose), also close to Tillamook (old Navy dirigible hangars).
A few years ago we camped at Gold Beach (4S1) There weren't any designatd camping spots, but we just tied down on the southeast side near some trees. Jet boat ride on the Rogue River was a blast! Beautiful coastline for scenic flight.

Chris Keating

Looking for some ideas on places to go visit between Shelter cove in CA and the Olympic Penninsula in WA. Obviously includes the entire Oregon coast.
Ideally grass or dirt strips, or paved strips with camping facilities or nearby cheap motel too.
Essentially places to go exploring, hiking, eating, sightseeing, aviation places are always welcomed, and anything within the Willamette valley is goodness too. Wineries are goodness as well (for the wife). I've heard of nice places along the Rogue river too.

Open to any and all suggestions, what are your favorite places?

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