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Oshkosh AirVentures

Anyone going...
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That always seems to happen with organisers...

However, if anyone is interested I'll organise some drinks at the Hilton - great view, especially in the early evening.
I'll be camping in the north 40. Should be arriving on Sunday evening or early Monday. See you there.

First - although "reserved parking" can be arranged for "Vintage" (built prior to 1971) not all Skywagons qualify. The only way for all to park together is to arrive together - an impossible act. I arranged for "Vintage reserved parking" one year and was left with almost a hundred "no show" spaces due to Club members saying they would be there, then not telling me of their change in plans. I was also left paying for two busses which were then not needed for transportation to the dinner reservations that were then not filled. This left many angry service providers at OSH and I swore not to try this ever again. I will continue to go to OSH every year.

Seems a shame that every Oshkosh the 'Skywagons' never seem to be able to park all together...
Anyway -can't fly my one in but how about a gathering for sun-downers at the Hilton terrace bar one evening. I'm staying there and would be happy to arrange it...
Over to you...
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