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Insurance, Business and Financial

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Pat is correct.......If I knew the real cost, the logical part of my brain would go into override mode and force reduction of aircraft inventory and hangar rent asap. And that would be a bad thing.

That said, easy to add up typical costs of oil changes, overhauls of prop and engine, and a typical annual cost (depends on your involvement and situation there) and come up with ballpark figure. Perhaps one thing to do different is to divide the engine overhaul cost into the time remaining till TBO....Go on the high side and if too much is put in, put it in the upgrade fund.
I know it is necessary in your circumstance; but excuse me while I turn away in denial.... nothing personal. :-)
I'm in a partnership with 2 of my brothers and I am trying to figure out a good number for operation costs per hour on a Cessna 180 (aside from insurance, annuals, gas) that will go toward engine replacement/overhaul and general aircraft maintainence. Just trying to get a feel for what others have experienced, what works and doesn't work.
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