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Ski/Sea Plane Operations

any info on an outboard motor bracket
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That is awesome!

Paul Brown

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On Nov 1, 2017, at 10:44, Stan Shaw ( <> wrote:


The base plate is mounted using wing nuts with bolts that come through the rivet locations on the chines.  I chose teak wood to mount the 3.3hp, 2 stroke Mercury.  It packs the most power to weight and it includes a neutral gear.  Mounted on the aft part of the float gives you the most leverage against light crosswinds.  With winds over 8 knots you may have to maneuver while operating into the wind and sailing backwards.
sent an emal to Jeff, did you get any photos or can you point me to to a link.

Seaplanes North in Anchorage had one on their web site attached to a set of Aerocet floats... looked like a good design for replication.
nothing as yet, I am thinking of making one for the rear spreader bar, that is a quick connect clamp assembly. ie it hinges and then completely encloses the rear EDO spreader bar, and 2 pins connect it together. that way I am not altering the airframe and noting is installed, it would all come of and store in the float, with the long shaft 3hp motor. was even thinking of some way of remote connection to a secondary throttle, and steering, (getting too complicated now).

Any luck with this? I"m interested in the same.
Considering operating in very confined marina, where i can only see being able to manoeuvre with an outboard attached, or with a inflatable boat with a driver, and its own motor, coupled temporally attached to manoeuvre in and out around all the moored boats.

so does anyone have any photos or other info about a outboard trolling bracket? I have a 185 with Edo 3430's
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