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Alaskan Bushwheel
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I will be away from July 1 to 10 with no access to the Internet or Email or Voice Mail. Yes, I know, that's very cool. Chill out all. Take a break from being plugged in and go into the woods. Arnold Villeneuve
In addition to the king pin not properly tightened shimmy is caused by a negative angle (forward edge downward angle of the plane of the rotation) of the tail wheel fork. As Bill Duncan told me, founder of Alaska Bush Wheels, like a shopping cart front wheel that has been rammed into a curb, it is bent backward and shimmies when pushed. Heavy tail loads or bent tail spring could cause shimmy.

Alaska Bush Wheels has a tail spring fork with 5 degrees of extra bend to keep a positive angle and prevent shimmy under heavy loads. A fraction of the cost of a Cessna produced spring.
Just a heads up for those who don't know, Alaskan Bushwheel is now part of Airframes Alaska. They bought the whole operation- tires, wheels, tailwheels, etc.
Carl, I'm curious what you mean by your question  "is the key to stopping shimmy?"  Shimmy is often caused by an improperly adjusted kingpin nut. There's kind of a fine line between too loose (shimmy) and too tight (sticky handling). I just readjusted my 10" XP Mods tailwheel- tightened the nut all the way and backed it off 4 flats, which is two flats looser than before. It was a bit sticky, now it works great. You can often stop a shimmy by unloading some weight off the tailwheel with some forward elevator pressure.
Is the key to stopping shimmy?
Ditto wing nuts comments. I just had the Bush Wheel folks rebuild my tail wheel, replacing the head with their new one (see attached photo). Professional work and quick turn-around.

Just a heads up... AK Bushwheel is an excellent resource for lots of stuff, especially landing gear related. Not only do they have lots of very cool tire options, but they also have tailsprings, or stingers and all associated parts. They are manufacturing new Scott style 3400 tailwheels and all associated parts. You can get a brand new 8" 10" or big honking Babybush tailwheel. If you allready have a 3400, you can just order a fork and tire in the 10" or Babybush size. I have ordered a new 1 1/8" tailspring and tail wheel head. They are great to deal with and really know their stuff. I currently have two setups, 10" tailwheel with 8.50's, and Babybush tailwheel with 26" Bushwheels. Everything is mounted on wheels, so changeover takes about 45 min.

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