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Aircraft Painting

Paint job
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I'm about to have my 185 painted also and am wondering if your job was Gainesville TX. or Florida
I had my 185 painted at Flying Colors of Texas in Gainesville. Mark Zello does a great job in prep and finish. Totally Satisfied with the finished product. Ran about $9,000 and took about 4 weeks only because we changed the windshield and cabin door windows along with some avionic upgrades.
Just got my 55 back form the the paint shop in Yerington, NV. NIce work and they charged $8600. 15 hours of body work and full strip. 6 weeks but it was OCT/NOV in the high desert. Highs of 15 degrees. Anyhow nice work.

I noticed that you have the louvers in your cowling. You must have a conversion to the 520 or 550? The engine shop put the same ones in mine last summer when I did the up grade. How do you like the performace now? I have the same year as you do and love mine to death.
Thanks for the insite, Dick is a great attorney but he would probably want my Cessna 180 and Saratoga for payment. I am just a poor 'cowboy" trying to make a living out there. Then I run into some dirty little mouse droppings like A.O.G. paint in Mena AR. who screwed me on the paint job. I know Don Imus, maybe he can put my situation on the air and put A.O.G. out of business.
Thank you very much for the phone number. Your plane looks great from the picture. I will give him a call and go see him. I hope he will fix another paint shop's screw up.
Hey cowboy, you say your lookin for a lawyer? You can hire the famous Dick DeGuerin right here in Brenham .....Dick's got a 206 here and I see him all the time. Problem is he's a criminal trial lawyer so you would have to go shoot the people first.......... if you want his number, I've got him on speed dial in case I go postal .

(Disclaimer) .... for those idiots that have no sense of humor....I'm just kidding

Happy skies

If you're looking for the shop info in McKinney. It's Alex Valdez
214-431-2240. I am still happy with his work and have had a lot of compliments on it.

The latest update on N4177T PA-32 Saratoga. I returned the plane to A.O.G. Paint in Mena, AR. on the 27th of April and picked it up last Wednesday May 12th. Dennis and Linda did a fantastic job of fixing all the mistakes. Dennis made good on his word that he would do it right this time around and the plane looks beautiful. I am totally satisfied with the end result and would now recomend A.O.G. Paint to anyone.
Do you have the name of the shop, the owners name and phone number that I can contact this person.
I had a C-170 painted at Amos Painting 479-234-1549 in Mena, AR last year and it came out excellent. Darrel really enjoys working on Cessnas and has over 20 yr experience. The base price for 3-colors was $7850 but with extras I asked for the final was $10,000 and well worth it.

Rose Aircraft Interiors 479-394-2551 did a beautiful job as well.

And if you need any airframe work such as re-skinning, repairs, mods, or an annual at the same time, Del Lehman at Mountain Airframe 479-437-3333 runs an excellent shop and will manage and coordinate the whole job; paint, interior, and airframe with the other shops for no additional charge. He has jigs for all single engine Cessnas and has rebuilt many airplanes. His shop does good work and he is very honest and will quote all work before he starts.
Chris -- how's your paint job looking 3-4 months after the fact? I'm looking to get my airplane painted and was wondering if you'd still recommend the mentioned paint shop and if you had any contact info on it. Thanks
He estimated 3-4 weeks ( he works mostly by himself) It took 4 weeks due to humidity and some extra dent filling.

Aero-Country is 30 miles north of Dallas
How long did he need the plane for, and was it close to his estimated time?
And where is McKinney close to? Thanks.
I just had my 180 painted on my field here in McKinney, TX (T31) It is a new shop, but the painter has around 20 yrs experience painting. I got a good deal for being his first customer, so you'll have to ask him for a quote. I can say..a local shop quoted me 10K and he is cheaper and his quality is better.

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