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British Columbia Flight Planning
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My vote for most direct from Chgo NW to AK is
Regina canada customs ,going
Minot N.D. USA customs ,return
This does not favor south 2/3 of BC
As your going north more direct.
Would Googe Earth be good for flight palnning ?
something more interesting with overlays.
Winnipeg (CYWG) is an airport of entry,Regina(CYQR),Dunseith/International Peace Gardens((S28).The first 2 will probably charge a landing fee though.Are any of these close to your intended route?

Helllo Curator,

Thanks for the website info for charts. Any suggestions about where to clear customs someplace west or north of Wisconsin?
Good place for Canadian charts:
"Curator" N185KG

I would like to plan a flight from Delaware to Alaska next spring or early summer. Is there an equivalent for planning fuel stops across B.C. Is there a source for Charts anyone would recommend?

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