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Insurance, Business and Financial

Operating/ownership cost update
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Thanks Russ! Looks like I need to get a quote the next time my premium comes due. I am paying about $1,400 per year for 90k hull coverage.
I'm with AUA they've got me with AIG $485 for 1mil liability, $988 for $60k hull with a $100 deductible. Coming up on renewal end of Feb. Supposed to be getting all the discounts.


Would you mind sharing what the total premium was?

The EAA Vintage Aircraft Association Insurance Agency-AUA has just reduced my insurance $600. They are great to deal with.
Yep, tests the commitment.
Still, sooking about it "got nobody nowhere"

Does make us grin to see you blokes getting startled at $2 something a gallon. Good luck to you.
Cheers DG
Holy cow!!! $12/gal, we never paid that much in the US at the peak. If you guys can keep flying at those prices, shame on us for complaining about $5 or $6/gal.

Two days ago I filled up at Bridgeport, Texas KXBP for 2.80/gal.

Enjoy it while you can.
I paid $3.17 a LITRE last week in Australia.

Remember, enjoy a little bit of every day. Just go fly!
I have flown when I was esentially broke (while in college, 80/87 was $0.45/gal), while building a career, and in retirement. Flying has always been a priority in my life so I find a way to afford it. Gas has always been too high and always will be. I rationalized to myself it doesn't matter what the price is, as long as we can get it. It doesn't matter what the price is if it ever becomes unavailable. I also don't keep track of costs of flying, I don't want to know, too depressing. If it gets too expensive, I'll cut back somewhere else.
The best thing to do is not do a ownership cost and enjoy what we have and what we can do with these ships.

I think of an engine shop that burns 100's of gallons a year and never leaves the ground.

I know of one company in Alaska that burns 16,000 gallons a day and is still going strong.

I just fill up and pay the bill.

Currently $4.86 in Southern California self serve
My only excuse for posting this is that misery loves company. When the self-serv pump price went to $4/gal last week, I decided to compare the projected budget for the upcoming year with the last analysis I prepared, back when fuel was $2.43/gal.

This analysis is fairly simple (for me) since I do this stuff routinely as a buyer rep for people buying big airplanes and have all the spreadsheets and stuff necessary to do it. Nontheless it was a sobering experience. I don't know that I would have ever believed my cost/hr in 2008 would be $300 for 100 hours of annual usage. It's getting to high I guess I will just have to fly more to get the hourly rate back down.

Anyway, the attached spreadsheet is for my 1960 airplane, including opportunity cost on the investment and all the costs of operation and ownership except engine reserves.

The personal use model assumes 0 tax rate and no personal property tax (in Texas). The business use model is based on 38% marginal rate and includes 1,800 property tax/yr.

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