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180 window latch parts?
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Thanks for the post! I just bought a pair myself at Niagara.  Excited to see if they actually keep my windows shut in cruise, for a change.  If anybody has questions about them send me a message!
Thanks stewartb for the link. I ordered one yesterday. $$Ouch! I'm going to tell people to take it easy with my latches from now on. Maybe I can make a placard with an arrow saying "rotate this way" for mechanically challenged people.
Thanks for the link. I see they do have them. I was laughing with my son at the time he broke it. I told him that'll probably be about $200. I was not far off. We're not laughing now.

Attachment(s): .... I don't know anything, other than they are listed on their website.

Hope it helps!
After my son got a bit heavy handed with the window latch on my 180, I am in need of one and cannot seem to locate one. Anyone out there know where to find them? I just need the part that rotates that has the push button in the middle of it. The post it pins onto is fine.

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