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Flap Handle Problems
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Hi Manny.
10 yrs since your post...
my 1961 C185 finally wore out the flap handle! 6000 hrs...
do you remember how you fixed yours? Spring? Etc.
i hope it don't need to remove the whole lever. Tunnel, etc etc.
Show Low, Az
Yep, same problem. There is no spring in the flap handle button as one might think. I found one of the return springs missing and the other completly loose. Simple replace and the flaps work as advertised. I got the springs from Airparts.

I had the spring replaced, and I'm up and running again. The new spring was $30.00 and looks a little beefier than the one that was broken. Took about an hour to do the job. Thanks Chris
Changing the broken spring is pretty easy.
Thanks for the feedback guy's. Thats kind of what I thought Hoverbug...but I'm too new to these machines to have ventured a guess. I won't have an answer until my mechanic gets back on thursday. Oh and thanks for the part number as well Daryl. Chris
I don't know if thisese scanned images are readable but they are from the Cessna Parts Catalog for 1963 to 1973 180-185 series.The numbers may have changed but this may give your parts man a place to start.The spring is listed as spring-latch return,figure #97-62 & is listed at part number 0510176.Hope this helps.


It sounds like the spring in your button is broken. I have never had that apart but I have several used flap handles around here.
Your Friend, "The Hoverbug"
execute a Search of this site using the key words Flap Handle and setting the date to All Posts. THere-in is referenced some problems you will want to bring to the attention of your "maint. technician." Uncommanded flap handle movement is too exciting for me!
Just wondering if anyone has had the same problem that I had yesterday with my flap handle. It won't engage the notches when trying to set flaps to any setting. Seems as if the flap button is loose, ( not enough tension ? ) to set the locking mechanism in the notch. Of course it happend on short final, while trying to set flaps 30. Thanks in advance for any feedback. Chris
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