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Non-Skywagon Stuff

Propane tanks
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Thanks, guys. My better half is already exicted about the shopping experience!
You may also want to consider the Primus Himalaya Multi-fuel and Omni-fuel. They burn any type of fuel as well, are really sturdy, and work well in absolutely any weather conditions. I've had mine for 5 years and its never once let me down.
For MSR multi-fuel stoves, here's the 30 second tour.

The Whisperlite International is the smallest and least expensive. The Dragonfly has by far the best flame control but it costs more. I use the XGK Expedition. It has the most output and is the most durable but doesn't have the precise low-flame control of the Dragonfly. It's pretty much either blasting or it's off. If you're a gourmet campfire cook you'll want the Dragonfly. MSR isn't the only brand, either. I have a Coleman "multi fuel" (gasoline/kerosene) stove that works great. I like the detachable fuel bottles that MSR uses so I leave the Coleman home. My Coleman has an integral tank. You may prefer that arrangement.

The instructions will say white gas, kerosene, or unleaded car gas. White gas (Coleman fuel) works best. Leaded avgas works, too, but I've only used it when I've run out of white gas.

Have fun shopping!

I'll check out the multi-fuel stove. Thanks much.
I've frequently carried 100# tanks in my 180. They're filled at 75' asl and never get much above 1500' asl and I've never had any problem. My local propane guy suggests that I should get smaller tanks that stand upright, so after 15 years I've found new caution.

I have no idea about Colorado altitudes or 1# bottles, though. For camping/hunting I use an MSR multi-fuel stove. At least I can burn avgas if I run out. I have no reservations about flying with a couple of MSR fuel bottles in the plane. For less that $80 you can do the same.

I'm planning on camping in Colorado in May and using a propane stove. Is it okay to carry the propane cylinders in the airplane?

Thanks much for your input.

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