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Outside the U.S.A.

Slipper Island New Zealand
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If you make it down under to godzone just look up any of the 180/185 guys and gals and you would be sure to ride in most parts of the country.
Does anybody in New Zealand want to trade an Alaskan holiday for a New Zealand holiday? Flying in 180/185s, of course. Summer or winter.
Richard and Ina

Thanks for posting the picture. Would love to get down there some day.
Now that looks like a great beach. Undisturbed by anything except the planes and pilots. Perfect.
Through this forum I would like to thank all those who made it possible for two Brits to join in the NZ 180/185 fly-in on Slipper Island NZ. There were 11 aircraft present; we were ferried around by Chris and Kathy in ZK-CAN and landed at various strips on the Coromandel Peninsula. See attached for the beach landing.

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