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Off to Alaska
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Check this web site for the latest "official" info: http: // Web site has the latest warnings and photos, volcano has been spouting off for months without delaying air traffic too often. Anchorage air carriers such as Alaska Airlines site has a posting for any volcano related flight delays. I went flying yesterday with no worries.

We got dusted by ash in Anchorage a couple of weeks ago and the Kenai Peninsula got dusted several times, but life is 100% normal right now. My wife and I were walking the dog last night on a bluebird afternoon and we had a spectacular view of an eruption. Other than a few cars stopping for snapshots there was no interruption of any sort including to aviation, commercial or general. Well, it did convince us to sit on the deck with a glass of wine to watch the show, but that's a good interruption!

Here's a volcano page that includes a couple of web cam views and ash tracking info.

NOAA Redoubt Volcano Page

Any word from our Alaskan members on the impact of Mt. Redoubt? The press in the lower 48 would have us believe that all aviation operations are suspended indefinately, and flying will result in instant destruction of your engine. I'd welcome a dose of reality from those that are in Alaska. thanks
Thanks Reagan, that's what I'm looking for. I'd welcome any other current prices up the east side of the rockies, or a good source for looking up fuel prices. We're spoiled here in the US, being able to look at or
Here in Pitt Meadows last year we were paying cdn 1.86/liter,or 7.03/us gallon.So far this year it's 1.46/liter,or about 5.52/us gallon.Although it's going down,it has been very slow.Prices are in canadian dollars & the conversion was 1 us gallon = 3.78 liters.At Anahim Lake (caj4) last year it was 1.73/liter but they ran out of the cheap stuff & I haven't been back yet this year to ask how much.

Stop in Cut Bank, MT, they are currently $2.69 a gal. Most places in Montana are close to $4 a gal. I would figure on $6-8 US dollars a gal in CAN. I paid close to $5 a gal US in Prince George in 2003, so maybe stay out of that place.
I'm planning a flight from IA to MT north to AK in June 09. any suggested fuel stops along east side of Canadian rockies? We're thinking ft st john, ft nelson, whitehorse, watson lake, northway, but not been to any of above. What fuel prices to expect?
Last summer I paid close to $1.60CDN per liter going through Whitehorse and Smithers. It's getting expensive.
I have flown frown Edmonton to Prince George via the Number 16 Yellowhead Highway a number of times. No problem provided the weather is decent plus you get to fly right by Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies and a very spectacular sight. Don't know of any site posting Canadian fuel prices but expect to pay around $1.40 CAD per litre -- about $4.75 US per US gallon.
I believe that I have read your trip report from a few years back. I would love to make the trip on floats but in April most everything will still be frozen over. Is their any online resource for Canadian fuel prices. I like to use for American fuel prices. I will have to go back and read your report in SPA. Thanks,
Flying through Canada will cost more for fuel and is only slightly shorter. I would not, however, go all the way to Washington state and then up because you will overfly alot of water with little or no options. Are you on wheels or floats? I should have asked that first, I suppose. That would make a difference. I have a long post on the SPA forum about going from Anchorage to Ontario on straight floats. If you can't find it there send me a PM with your email address and I will send it to you. There are lots of details on that trip report that would help you maybe even on wheels.
Your Friend, "The Hoverbug"
Loading up the 180 first week of April for a job in Ketchikan AK. Leaving from my home in Maine and will be traveling through Canada. Route of flight is still being figured but clear customs somewhere near Montreal. Somewhere over Lake Superior , The Pas, Prince Albert, Edmonton. From Edmonton I was planning on following RT. 16 through Jasper and the Canadian Rockies. Has anyone done some flying through Jasper? Seems to be some airports along the route. Would Edmonton to Dawson Creek to Prince George be a better route? Planning on continuing from Prince George over Fraser Lake, Houston, Smithers, Terrace and Prince Rupert. Finally, I will kiss the ground after clearing customs in Ketchikan and put the 180 away for a while.

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