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Beaver on Floats Takes Off From Trailer
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Fantastic video!!!

Looks easy but actually it may be quite tricky...!

Here's another one for you Gents, just saw it today, too:
That is a great video!!!!!!
You have probably heard in "aviation lore" about all sorts of things pilots have attempted with airplanes. Well, be prepared to witness one of them. When a floatplane is landed on the grass and taken to the hangar for maintenance, obviously it has to depart once again. Landing a floatplane on grass is easier than becoming airborne on grass. This is where "Dolly" comes in. Put the aircraft on a "dolly", fire it up, tow it down the runway, and, once a certain speed is attained, push the throttle to "Warp Factor 9", and you are airborne. Get ready, here is how the good people at Hill Aircraft Service Ltd. in Prince George, B.C., accomplishes a "dolly take-off"! Notice the fire truck following them... they obviously had a few doubts themselves.

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