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Fuel Stops

Gooding,Idaho (GNG)
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Just thought I'd let anyone interested know that all of the new 50'x40' hangars are now sold. Still 4 40'x40's available though.
The hundred year winter is starting to break as well, got all the way to 48 and sunny yesterday!
as George said, there are many hangars for sale in Gooding that is where we keep 185tj. The hangar next door to ours is for sale it is not advertised, but we know the owner well and he would sell it for 15k its full concrete, insulated, enclosed tee hangar you could house a 180 or 185 comfortably. If you need more info contact Craig he would be able to give you the owners info.

Pretty wide selection right now. They have a couple of enclosed hangars that are open to the other bays inside for around $8k. Those have a concrete pad with gravel around that. The doors are a normal split-rolling type. I believe those were built in 1999.
The new hangars are variable on price based on how finished you want them. 40'x40' is @$22-23k with another $6k for full concrete floor and unfinished inside. 50'x40' are around $28-29k and another $8k for the concrete floor. I finished mine myself and have about another $8-9k in sheetrock, paint, electric, and insulation. They have a one piece hydroswing door and communal air compressor with hookups in each hangar. If you are interested come look at mine and the unfinished ones. Or call the airport manager Dale Thomas at 208-539-5934. He also built them.
what are they getting for the hangers there
Hi Reagan,
My name is George. Let me know when you are coming. I'll try to make sure I'm around (usually am anyhow). I'm not sure when the winter will break. This is my first one here and my first one of any kind outside of Florida in 10 years so it has been an adjustment.
Just want you back country guys on your way from the south to know that Gooding has 24 hour credit card fuel at probably the best price in Southern Idaho. Pilot lounge always open with showers, heat, phone, etc. Crew car available for a nominal fee during business hours or by prior arrangement. New hangars for rent or sale in 50'x40' or 40'x40'. Restaurants and hotel in town. Maintenace services available as well 8-5/ M-F. 25 minutes southwest of Sun Valley. I'm building a house abeam the short final for 25, currently living in the camper behind the pilot lounge. Have access to a C-206 and Super Cub if anyone wants to play. Eventually hoping to have a taxiway down to the house.
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