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aircraft tug for 180
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I'm using the 12vdc version of the Power Tow for in and out of the hangar. I built a rig for the four wheeler and use it if I need to move it longer distances.
Ditto the EZtow. Great Machine! I use it on my 185. Grabs the tailwhee axle with a nylon or some other synthetic material that does no harm. The weight on the tailwheel transfers to the EZ tow as you push down on the handles and away you go. Complete control of the airplane and no strain on your back!
I currently use the Powertow 40EZ on my 1956 C-180 and it works great, even on snow and ice.
That is what I do with my C-170. I put the L-19 tow lugs on the inside of the main gear, designed and built my own folding "Y" tow bar, and tow with an old Bolens garden tractor. Works like a snap, easy on the bones, and spares the tailwheel from stress and strain that the tailwheel towbars put upon it. If you are decent with a MIG welder, this is a simple weekend job....I'll send detailed photos of my tow bar if you are interested.
Find a good welder and build yourself a tow-bar.
Use a 4 wheeler or small garden tractor to pull. its better than any of these small tug.

I am trying to find an aircraft tug for my 180. I am 84 and am finding it too darn hard to push my plane out of the hanger by myself. Am looking for a lightweight tug that DOES NOT lift the tailwheel (as does the "taildragger dragger") and is easy to steer. Prefer gasoline engine, but would consider electric.

Been looking at the 40EZ (with scott tailwheel option) made by Powertow Northwest Manufacturing in Washington state.

Has anybody used one--would like to talk with someone who has or see one in action. If anybody is using a tug that meets my needs, please contact me.

My airplane is in LIvermore California and I can be reached at (my son's e-mail). He will provide my phone number if you could call me.

Thanks for any information on an aircraft tug for my 180. Still flying happily, but tired of hand pushing it out of hanger!

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