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Aircraft Painting

Anyone have information about Sunquest painting?
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Give me a call, I had mine painted by Sunquest 2 years ago. I will be at the hangar tomorrow.
I need to get my 180 painted. Anyone have an idea on the price Sunquest charges?
I had my plane stripped, corrosion control, primed, painted in 2009 by Sunquest. Clayton and Rusty did an excellent job. Very impressed by the quality and effort in the extensive preparation. Replaced all windows, also an excellent job. Highly recommend Sunquest.
I just got our 180 back from Sunquest, they did a fantastic job. Very customer service oriented. In addition to the excellent paint job, I had them install the Atlee jump seats, tail inspection panels, all new glass and Selkirk interior, headliner, and flooring. During the paint process they pull all the control surfaces as well as the vertical fin. I highly recommend Sunquest.

Well, I hate to admit it but saw a picture of a 185 in the netherlands, it was on floats and the stripe colors were gray and black.
I sure like it....

That plane is a carbon copy of mine, which was painted a few years before yours. How did you come up with that scheme?

It is pretty!

This is where I bought them. They are made in Anchorage on Merril field.
Could you do a close up on your gravel skirts please. Never seen this type on a Skywagon. I have some mini fenders for the top of the wheel, but mainly they only stop mud and water from soiling the flap area.
Heres a photo

Can you give a range of what you paid and maybe post a pic?
I did get my plane painted at Sunquest. It did turn out very nice and they were very easy to work with. I now have a very pretty airplane. You can see it at Johnson creek at the fly-in next week.

ditto, what dar636 said.
Sunquest does great work. They painted my 182 in 2000 and it was better than new. It made it an easy sale in 2005. Clayton Hammons was straight up to work with.
I am thinking about having my plane painted at Sunquest aircraft painting on Paine Field Washington. Anyone have any information about this paint shop pro or con?

Or suggestions about any other paint shop in the Northwest that I might need to look at?

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