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Insurance!!!!!???????How much is Fair?????????
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What Hilltop180 said.
If you store your plane for any period of time or will not be flying it in the winter, etc, Avemco will let you turn on and turn off in-flight coverage once a month. For me it adds up to quite a savings over the year for three airplanes as I do not fly all planes all year.

I have found no other insurance company that will do that.

Avemco is not the cheapest quote I can get but figuring in cutting in-flight several times thru the year, the Avemco bottom line is far cheaper over the year.
Not necessarily true, I received a much lower rate through Falcon where the underwriter is STARR. Now that I am putting the plane on floats and will be in Alaska for the summers my rate has jumped nearly $2000. Came in with a140 hull and 1 million smooth $3700 year on floats. Hangared in Texas with, professional pilot, 15 years flying Alaska Bush, no accidents gave me no break on the premium. It appears that the underwriters look at the big picture and label these type of airplanes as high risk. I have adapted the attitude that it is what it is-but I still shop.
USAA doesnt actually do the insurance, but they are a convenient go between for several insurance companies. Mine is with Falcon now too...but USAA set it up. Anyway, we digress....
I talked to USAA and they said they no longer insure aircraft and that they only use Falcon. I also use falcon and am new to the 180, I pay $1900 per year but I think most of that difference is in the Hull value. I have 4000 hrs TT, ATP and around 500 tailwheel none in the 180 at the time the policy was written. $100 deductibles motion and non.

Chris 79' 180
I broker mine through USAA, which isnt an option for most I realize. They found the best rate with Falcon this time. Compared to most in this forum I am an infrequent 180 driver (couple times a month), so I got a rate of $1287 a year. 80,000 hull value etc etc...its a 57 180 FYI.
Sent Bill a check this morning.
Me, too.
I second that.
Bill White agency just told me my hull value was too high without an apprisial, I dont want to pay some "certified" appriaser $250 to have him ask me "now what engine does a 1976 185 have" or are the de-ice boots in good condition or some stupid clueless thing like that. I know what its worth and I know what I have in it. Avemco insures my hull for $25,000 more than Bill White Agency said they would without an appriasial. Also, they, BW, said 1 million smooth was not possible from the one underwriter who writes smooth policies because my 2700 foot long no obstacle by 150 wide grass strip is too short. Hmmm.... And this is THE 180/185 insurance specialist??? Maybe BW should educate his underwriters. Same old stuff, different agent. However to be fair, I do not get 1 million smooth with Avemco either but it's because they just dont offer it at all not because my 2700 foot no obstacle runway is too short. So it looks like I will stay with Avemco, they have always treated me good but I thought I would give BW a shot. Make sure when you get a quote from your agent you also call Avemco since this does not lock you out of the market, Avemco does their own underwriting. They may have a better quote they may not. When I had a Grumman Widgeon they beat the Seaplane Pilots Assn. favored agency by a big margin and they also let me change coverages mid policy which really helped keep costs down. Avemco also beat all other underwriters for my Husky too. Like I say, some times they win some times they dont but it's worth a call. Just trying to help out fellow Skywagon brothers and sisters...

Kurt Wien

Wow. And some people have no patience whatsoever. About 4 hours from the first post and members are slinging abuse about lack of response. Go figure.
I have a 77, 185. On wheels and hangared in Canada. I pay US$2895 per year. My hull loss value is US$139k. This is flying and ground damage coverage. Good luck with your search.
Wow. Nobody wants to answer. Typical of this site, it seems.

I'm in Alaska, but I'll tell you I pay just over 5K for my policy. I selected some coverages that add up, but I need them for my business. My plane's insured at 125K hull, it parks outside, includes ski operation and the skis, and it operates off airport as the norm. In fact it didn't see asphalt last year. I hope that helps, or at least spurs somebody to answer you.

Call Bill White in Corona Calif. best prices anywhere. I would give you the number but the webmaster runs a real fine service to look up the numbers and he also sponsors this site. Go to Airbase
I'm getting ready to take delivery and have paid a deposit but have not bought the plane yet and thus am not a member of this club yet. I will be soon but I am trying to find out what is fair for an insurance quote and the website won't let me into the members only section until I buy the plane and join. Can anybody help me with information about average to good insurance quotes?????????????

Check out the insurance survey under 'members only'.
Getting ready to take delivery of a 180 that I bought and I am checking quotes and they are HIGH!!!!! What is fair and what do others pay? I have lots of tailwheel and complex time. Anybody know what is fair for the lower 48????

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