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The best floats for 1976 C-180
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My 3190# STC mentions the float model 628-2960 ONLY in the STC addendum which provides weight and balance information. this addendum states "This addendum, which is part of the Supplemental Type Certificate No. SA649NW, prescribes conditions and limitations under which the STC was issued and meets the airworthiness requirements of the Civil Air Regulations 3. A copy of this addendum shall be maintained as part of the modified aircraft permanent records."

The weight and balance information is then displayed, specifically naming EDO 628-2960 floats in the information. Ask your FAA guy what he thinks. Aerocet can't include themselves in Kenmore's STC, but the FAA can approve a deviation if they choose to. Good luck!
Aerocet, on their website ( talks of the Kenmore Gross Weight upgrade for the C-180. I would therefore assume, it is valid for the Aerocet Floats as well. You could check with them to see.
I am quite sure that the Kenmore GW increase on floats is only for EDO 2960 models. Does anyone have the STC that they could could check on this?
If you have the cash, go with the Aerocets. If not, the 2870's are better for the 180 than the 2960, which are just 2870's with an extra pesky compartment on the tail end. The 2870 is much more maneuverable than the 2960, lighter, better suited for the low powered 180. But you might consider the CAP 3000's, good floatation, are not too long, and seem to be just as good. My brother has a set and they are just as good now as twenty years ago when he bought them new. Since the Aerocets came out, the prices for used metal floats for 180-185 have nose-dived. You should get a good set for $6-10k, and a mint set for under $12k. Don't forget the fuselage attaching gear, they can get spendy and hard to find. Of course if you're operating in heavy water, you might need a heavier, deeper float, then you might as well trade in the 180 for a 185!

you might try the Aerocet 3500-L if you can find an affordable pair. the lack of rivets and metal to creak and leak is nice, the storage is incredible, and the weight is comparable. Put on the Kenmore GW increase kit and go up to 3190 GW.

some folks love the 2960, but for my personal taste they stick out too far behind where they are prone to dig in when you are trying to do a pop takeoff, or even on less agressive rotation.

in my C185 at light loads in rough water, I've been glad to have the massive flotation of the 3500. waves were rolling over the floats and it was not fun, but we had boyancy to spare. 2870s would have had a rough time as submarines.
I am a student pilot who recently purchased a 76 C-180 and am looking for the right floats for this plane. I am getting various opinions on wether to use EDO 2870's or 2960's. Anyone with experience with these floats on a 180?
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