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Allowing Converted 182s Into Club

Allowing Converted 182s Into Club
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How about one of these?
Someone has too much time on their hands!

How could anybody reasonably object to this? the planes are identical when converted.
Where else would the poor guy go?

You know the 182 club is going to immdiately excommuicate him as a heretic. His termination letter was probably in the mail before the nosewheel was even unbolted.

The 120-140 Club will disqualify him for too many seats and the 170 Club won't let him in because his tail isn't rounded. There aren't any tail dragger 210's that I know of. They have tried, but can't get an STC for a retrac tail-wheel.

The 206 club will deny membership for lack of big cargo doors, and the Caravan Club doesn't accept non kerosene-burners. There's probably a Cardinal club, but who cares?

So unless he can convince the Helio-Courier Club that his is a prototype (maybe by installing slats on the wing and a round window in the baggage compartment) he is homeless, indigent and out in the cold. Searching for a hot meal. In line at the mission. Sipping Ripple from a brown bag. All that goes with it. A tragic ending to an otherwise decent guy.

I wouldn't wish that on anybody, especially during the holiday season. Add my vote in favor of acceptance. Even if we have to take up a collection to cover the rear window with sheet aluminum. and help straighten up the tail.

I agree that a converted through 1959 straight tail or a 1960 with a straight tail should be invited in. I owned one and there are really no differences except for the lower cowl on some of the early 182s. When they came down the line the 180 had an X painted on it and a 182 had an O painted on it. They are the same except the converted 182 is stronger, because they leave the orginal gear box in and the fire wall is beefier.

Let your Directors and Dave Hayden know you opinions and have it brought up at the next board meeting.

I believe that converted 182 owners should definitely be allowed in the club. The converted airplane is basically identicle to the 180. I believe the STC only covers up through the 59 model with the straight tail and verticle fin. My good friend has a converted 182 that you couldn't tell from a 180. It's a beautifull airplane. He's the one that got me interested in the 180 project I have and he answers a lot of my questions and knows a lot more about 180's than I do having done the conversion and refurbishing himself.
I have to agree with Rob and the others on this one. Converting one to a 180 is an accomplishment and at this time who really cares how the serial number reads, most wouldn't know one from the other. The kind of person that would want to do the conversion has always been to my finding the same as most of those of us who regularly attend the fly-ins.
Mark Hawkins
I also support the idea of converted 182s into the club. gary
I personally believe converted 182's should be allowed into the club. The early 182's were basicly the same airplane with the wheels rearranged. I don't know if it happended on early 182's or not, but some early 172's still had the 170 gear boxes installed when they were built, so I have been told. Also in the reverse direction, my 180 at one time was converted to a tricycle. Luckly somebody later had the sense to convert it back. Since the 180 and early 182's have so much in common, I think it is a good idea to include conventional gear 182 conversions in the club.
Harold Holiman 1953 N92CP (19th built).
I believe that a converted 182 should be allowed Skywagon membership. After all, isn't forgery the sincerest form of flattery? And Cessna in its infinite "wisdom" has declared that they are not going to build any more.

If somebody wants to take the time and effort to put the tailwheel on, ESPECIALLY if they add a 'wagon vertical fin, they are likely the kindred spirit we would enjoy having as Club members. They likely have a better idea of Skywagon structural ins and outs than most "pure" Skywagon owners do, not to mention the myriads of rules imposed by the FAA.

There are a couple converted 182 owners that I have found very interested and knowledgeable. And they have traveled with us to Club gatherings with most people not even noticing.

Perhaps this can at least be done on an individual case basis. A petition process can be created, wherein the applicant would provide sufficient technical details about their aircraft and personal interests that the Club Directors can determine they are really "one of us" and let them join. Some mitigating factors might be whether they once owned a 180 or 185, or used to be official Club members?
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